Material testing facilities

Our laboratories are well equipped for material development and Quality Analysis.

Our equipment is used for quantifying improvements made during development of multiple formulations prior to moulding trials.

We also offer the following lab services to our clients

Lloyd Tensile Tester

Suitable for three point bending

Tear strength

Tensile and flexural Modulus

Melt Flow Analysis

To determine the viscosity of the polymer

Drop Test – Falling dart

To determine the impact resistance of polymer samples

Volatile analysis

Loss in weight moisture and volatile analysis of product and polymers

Particle size distribution

Sieve size from 65 to 500 micron

Processing Test and production Facilities

From concept to prototyping and from prototyping to full scale manufacturing we work closely with our manufacturing partners on a global basis.

If required, through our network of collaborative partners we offer a full design to manufacturing service with production facilities covering Europe, Asia and the Middle East.