Spraying oilseed rape (2)

Our Work in The Agricultural Sector

Water-soluble polymers have many applications in modern farming. Our innovative products have enabled our customers in the agricultural industry to increase overall productivity, while at the same time significantly reducing environmental impact.

One of the most important uses of PVOH is in enabling the safe handling of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. Delivery of agrichemicals in compact pre-measured dosed, sealed, soluble capsules reduces operator contact while improving the efficiency of these chemicals by reducing operator error.

Other uses in modern farming

Our PVOH polymer products are also utilised in the following areas within the agricultural sector:

– Livestock sustained release mineral, trace element and vitamin bolus technologies

– Novel seed encapsulation techniques

– Moulded multi-compartmental soluble containers for the safe delivery of pesticides and herbicides.

– Sustained release of Agrichemicals through the controlled breakdown of our PVOH formulations

Our research and development team are continually working to improve our formulations and expand the uses of non-toxic polymers for British farmers and horticulturalists.

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Does your business operate within the agricultural sector? If so, then PVOH polymers are a cost effective and eco-friendly means of increasing your industries efficiency. To discuss your requirements, and to speak with a representative of our product development team, send us a message through our online contact form or give us a call today at our UK office.